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Several months ago, I started a journey to weight loss. I started out great, but somehow found myself falling back into the same old unhealthy habits. It was Christmas, y’all! All those cookies and cakes and candies seem almost impossible to walk away from! Then those candies somehow tend to hang around the kitchen for way too long. Now that the holiday season has gone (along with all those yummy but oh so unhealthy snacks!!), I want to get back on the weight loss wagon and try again, this time actually sticking to a healthy lifestyle. And one of the best tricks to losing weight is so easy! Just drink water!

Drinking water instead of sugary drinks and sodas will make you feel so much better! I have found that when I don’t drink enough water, I begin to feel tired and I have to drag myself through the day. Water hydrates the body, which helps everything in your body function better. When I say everything, I mean everything! Water helps flush toxins from the body by making the digestive system and the kidneys work properly. It hydrates the muscles and joints, making movement and motion easier. It energizes the brain, helping you with memory and concentration. Water promotes heart health. It hydrates your skin, making you look more beautiful. I could go on, but I’m pretty sure you get the point. Water is essential for your health!!

When I talk to people about the benefits of drinking water, the most common response is, “But I don’t like water!” Trust me… I get it. I don’t like it either! Water is so bland and boring, and just doesn’t taste all that great. If you have been drinking mostly sodas and sweet, sugary drinks, water can be difficult to get used to. I have always loved sweet tea. No joke, I used to make a gallon of tea each day and sweeten it with not one, but TWO cups of sugar! So believe me when I say I know how difficult it is to quit the sugary drinks and drink water instead. There are a few things that I recommend when making the switch to water that I think will help.

The first is sparkling water. This is my favorite option, mainly because I like the carbonation, and it tastes a little better than plain water. If you like the fizz in sodas, sparkling water is a good alternative. You can buy these at your local grocery, and they come in different flavor options. Most stores even have their own brand that costs a little less than the popular brand names. Over time, this can get expensive, especially if everyone in your family is making the change. To save money, I would recommend getting a soda maker and make your own. There are several different brands of these makers, so be sure and do your research to make sure you get what is right for you and your family. You can also add flavors and infuse fruits to find the flavor you like.

Second, you could buy regular bottled water. Most people who drink bottled water have brand preferences. This is mostly because bottled water comes from different sources. You have to pick which works best for you and go with it. As with buying bottled sparkling water, this can get expensive. A great alternative that will save you money is a home water filtration system. You can have a whole house system installed, or simply attach a smaller version to your faucet. You can also choose to go with a water filter pitcher. These are great if you want to keep your water cold in the fridge. The filtered water will taste much better than water straight from the tap.

I have a fruit infuser water pitcher that I really like. You can use it to infuse fruits into your water for enhanced flavor. My favorite is lemon, but I like blueberries and raspberries too. It also comes with a tea infuser, so you can make fruit flavored tea. The ice core is great as well since it keeps your drink cool and you don’t have to worry about it getting watered down.

Hopefully these tips will help you learn to love water. It will certainly aid in your weight loss efforts. Choosing water over sugary drinks alone can drastically improve your health, so make the choice to drink water and be healthy!


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Don’t Like Water? Learn to Love it With These Tips!

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