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Several months ago, my oldest son, Andrew, received his Eagle Scout Rank. His Court of Honor went really well, and we were super proud to see him achieve this goal for his life. Most of our friends and family were able to be at the ceremony, and that really meant a lot to our family.

Planning an Eagle Court of Honor Ceremony was a lot of work, but was well worth it. I will share all of the things we put into it in another post, but today I want to show you the Eagle’s Nest Fruit Display that was on one of the food tables at the reception. My Mother-in-Law made this, and I can’t say enough about how thankful we are for her hard work. I had no idea what she was making, but she has some really awesome creative skills, so I knew that whatever she came up with would be great. And she did not disappoint!

Eagle's Nest Fruit Display

So to make this fruit display, you will need:

-1 Large Bowl (We used a plastic bowl that came from the local dollar store.)
-3 Grape Vine Wreaths (Size doesn’t matter… Just make sure they will fit around the bowl. I think that ours were about 12 to 14 inches.)
-Sticks, pine cones, and other outdoor foliage
-Fruit (Be sure to get some cantaloupes and some honeydew melons, as the rinds to these will serve as bowls for your display.)

Stack wreaths onto each other and tie together in a few places with black zip ties. Place bowl down inside of wreath stack, which is now your nest. Fill bowl with pieces of scooped out melons, grapes, and any other fruit that you wish. When cutting the honeydew melons and cantaloupe, simply cut them in half, and scoop the fruit out into small balls. These will go into the fruit bowl. Take the rinds and cut around the edges with a knife so that they have jagged edges. Place these around the “nest” on the table and fill with strawberries. It may help to prevent messes if these are placed on small paper plates. Once the fruit is situated, take the sticks, pine cones, and other foliage, and place around the “nest.” You can use moss to wrap around the wreaths and cover the zip ties that you used earlier.

Use your imagination and be creative to make your nest look how you want. When you’re done, be sure to take plenty of pictures! If you try this, let me know. I would love to see what you come up with!

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Eagle’s Nest Fruit Display for Eagle Court of Honor

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