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When I was a child, my mom collected Hummel figurines. They were so special to her, and she looked forward to each Birthday and Christmas when she would receive them as gifts. She would take them home and place them in the china cabinet where they would remain on display for all to see. At some point, my Dad gave her a subscription to a year-long series of decorative Hummel plates. My grandfather built her a wall shelf, and once the collection was complete, they stayed there for years. One day, my mom asked if I would like to have them, and I took them home to hang on my own wall. I was so excited to have these beautiful plates as my very own and couldn’t wait to display them!

After my husband hung the shelf, I slowly opened delicate plates and set them out in just the right order, exactly how she had displayed them for all those years. I set the last plate in its place and stood back to admire my new piece of decor that had become so special to me. All of a sudden, the shelf slid from its place on the wall, and every plate crashed to the floor! I was so devastated, I could barely breathe!

Even In My Brokenness

As I began to pick up the pieces, salvaging what I could, I thought of the Father… How many times have I lay broken, and in His faithfulness, He would pick up the pieces. Then He would throw away the old broken bits, and glue me back together? Simply because He loved me and no amount of brokennessĀ could change it…

I was able to salvage two of those plates. Both of them hang on my wall still today. They are obviously bits and pieces that were glued back together, yet I still display them proudly. Some may see them and wonder why I would keep something so messed up, but I know why…

I still love them…

No matter how broken and messed up those plates are, they are still special to me. And in all honesty, they are more special today. Because seeing them reminds me that even in my brokenness, my Father still loves me…. and His mercy and His grace are the glue that holds me together.

Psalm 147 v3

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Even In My Brokenness, My Father Still Loves Me

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