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Okay, so let’s be real for a minute. How does the inside of your microwave look? If you’re like most of us, it could probably use a little cleaning. I would be lying if I said that mine is always clean. With four people using it, I find myself wiping it out pretty often. If you use your microwave frequently, it can be difficult to keep clean, but with just a little effort, it is possible.

1. Cover food while cooking/heating. This is the biggest one, as it prevents food from splattering all over the microwave, cutting down on the time you spend cleaning. You can use plastic wrap for this, but be sure to cut some holes for ventilation to prevent a food explosion. There are also covers called splatter guards that you can purchase for around $5. These are plastic, but there are some that are bpa free, so you won’t have to worry so much about chemicals leaching into your food.

2. Wipe with a sponge daily. After dinner, as a part of cleaning the kitchen, simply wipe out the microwave. Again, this prevents messes from becoming too much to handle, and it only takes a few seconds.

3. Steam clean weekly. This is so easy! Simply fill a microwave safe bowl with half water and half vinegar. Heat until the mixture is boiling and creating steam. Let sit for a couple of minutes so the steam can soak into any soiled surfaces. Remove the bowl (carefully, as it will be hot!) and wipe out the microwave with a sponge. Not only does this remove food and hard to remove splatters from the microwave, but it also sanitizes, killing any bacteria that may be in there.

No one wants to heat or cook food in a nasty microwave. Following these three tips will help keep yours clean!

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Three Tips For Keeping Your Microwave Clean!

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