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Do you have some unexpected expenses? Perhaps you would like to take a short vacation and need money to pay for it. Or maybe you know of someone who could use some financial help, and you would like to contribute. Well, I would say you need to make some quick cash! There are so many ways to make a little extra money, but one of my favorite ways to make quick cash is to have a yard sale.

Having a yard sale really is a lot of work, but depending on what you have to sell, you can make a lot of money really fast. It isn’t uncommon to hear of people making between $2000 and $4000 in a weekend. On average, I have made around $600 at each of my sales. It all comes down to what you have for sale. Obviously, more stuff will make more money. But big ticket items like antique furniture or rare collectibles can raise your profit big time.

Items: First, you need to gather your things. Go through all of your stuff and find everything you have to get rid of. This is the second best thing about having a yard sale! The money is great for sure, but clearing out your old junk or unwanted items is a great benefit! I would recommend setting aside an area in the attic or garage as your Yard Sale area, so that you can place unwanted items throughout the year. Then when it comes time to have your sale, you already have a pile of things.

Pricing: I personally do not price every individual item, but many people do. I think it is a personal preference thing, so you decide how you would rather do it. Generally, I say everything is a dollar, and items I think are worth more get a price tag. I try to take into consideration that it is a yard sale. People are looking to pay as little as possible for their items, and high prices will turn them away. Of course, I am practically giving away stuff at a dollar each, so I rarely will come off this price. I had a basket full of jewelry at my last sale and set every piece at $2, but when buying ten pieces or more, the customer could have it at $1 each. This way, I still got my dollar for each item without people trying to haggle with me over the price. And it encouraged people to spend more than they would have otherwise.

Advertising: There are several places that you can advertise online. I always list my sale on Craigslist and there is a group on Facebook for local yard sales, so I usually list there too. Many local newspapers have a spot to list upcoming yard sales, so if this is an option for you, take advantage of it! You would be surprised at the number of people who actually check these publications before heading out to look for sales.

Signs: This goes with advertising, but deserves its own category. Simply because your signs are a BIG DEAL! So they should be big and easy to read! You want signs placed at every entrance to your neighborhood and at each turn leading up to your home. Be sure the address, date, and time of the sale are clearly written on the signs. An arrow pointing in your direction is also a big help for those who are looking for you.

Cash: Don’t forget to make a trip to the bank before your sale! You will need to make change! The change is part of my reason for keeping everything at a dollar. Making change with dollars is easy peasy! Of course I do come off that price for some items, so I usually get a roll of quarters too. Other than that, you need a few twenties, several tens, fives, and lots of ones. I usually start with some blend of $210. Ten of that is quarters.

I highly recommend that you keep your change on you. The last thing you need is for someone to distract you with something and you set down your money bag. Even a change box is a bad idea. If your money is visible, you’re just asking for trouble. I recommend using a small apron tied around your waist for smaller bills and quarters, and put larger bills in your pants pockets. This should help protect you from losing your hard earned money.

Organization: This is also important… Once people have found you, they don’t want to come up on a mess of things randomly put out in the driveway. You need to organize your items so that they can find things easily. Place items in categories and keep the categories together. The biggest thing is to make it look neat.

If possible, try to make sure most of your clothes are hanging on hangars, or at least neatly displayed. A few people will dig through piles of clothing, but many will walk away from the aggravation of it.

Use tables to display items, and larger items can be placed under the tables. Your items will look more attractive if you cover the table with a cloth, so if possible, I highly recommend it.

Freebies: Yes, give stuff away! Have a freebie box where it can easily be seen from the road. This will attract buyers. If someone is buying several items, throw something else in for free! If a child has been playing with the same little toy the whole time their parents were shopping, give it to them. I know the point in the sale is to make money, but it can’t be all about the money. Be a blessing to others, and don’t be afraid to give things away.

Permits: Many towns and cities require a yard sale permit. Check with your city hall to see if this is something you need.

Have Fun! Having a yard sale need not be stressful! Yes, it is a lot of work, but have fun with it! And get creative! Make cool signs, set up your sale in a unique way, or make your advertisements fun and exciting! Just don’t get stressed. Have a good time, follow these tips, and you will do great!

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How to Have a Successful Yard Sale and Make Some Cash Fast!

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