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If you’re looking for a fun and easy project to sew, this owl plush pocket pillow is perfect for you! I love it because it was fun to make, but the pocket makes it perfect to use as a tooth fairy pillow. Any child expecting the tooth fairy would love to place their tooth in the pocket, then wake to find it stuffed with money! It doesn’t take a lot of skill to sew together, and if you’re still learning, this pillow is the perfect project for building your sewing skills.

What you will need:
• Printable Owl Pillow Pattern (Link to Free Pattern)
• 6 cotton fabric scraps
• 2 Buttons
• Thread
• Polyester Fiberfill
• Interfacing
How to Make the Pillow:
Cut your fabric using the free printable owl pillow pattern

Place right sides of the tummy fabric together and sew along the straight line. No need to back stitch as this will later be sewn over.
Place the tummy fabric onto the front body piece and sew along the bottom edges, leaving the top open to make the pocket.

Place the wing pieces on either side of the tummy fabric and sew along the inside curved edges with a zigzag stitch. Be sure to put a piece of interfacing on the back before sewing to prevent bunching and so it will have a cleaner look.

Using a zigzag stitch, first sew the eye pieces, then the triangle nose piece. As with the wings, you will want to add interfacing to the back.
Sew buttons onto the eyes.

Place the front of the owl against the back of the owl, right sides facing and sew around the edges, leaving an opening for filling.
Trim around the edges.

Turn right side out and press. Be sure to also press the opening so that later it will be easier to sew shut.
Fill the inside with polyester fiberfill, and sew shut at the bottom.

And this should be your finished product! Enjoy!


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How to Make an Owl Pillow *With Free Pattern*

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